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Police Minister General Bheki Cele recently released crime stats for 2022 and they are very worrying, We have listed below a few ways you can make sure you stay safe during this holiday season. read the crime stats here

Here are some tips to stay safe during this festive season:

With schools closing and kids at home all day many households are starting to think about how to prepare for the holidays. Whether you are traveling or remaining home for the holidays, you should take the necessary preparations now to avoid having any security issues during this period.

Examine the home security system:
The 1st and main thing is verify the functionality of all window and door hardware, including garage doors. Verify the alarm system. Verify all outdoor lighting. Installing timers is a good idea, especially if you are leaving the house, if you want to test your alarm system get in touch with us for assistance

Prepare for load shedding:
As awful as it sounds, load shedding is now a family member. If you don’t already have an inverter or generator, now is a good time to buy one since there will probably be blackouts during the Christmas season. At the very least, a simple system can power a few lights, the internet, television, and security. If you are unsure, contact us to schedule a technician. In the meantime,  ensure your alarm’s battery is in excellent condition.

Prepare a safety checklist if you are going away:
List all of the items to check, from switching off the geyser, stove, plugs and pool pump to putting a timer on a few lights. Include house keys and access arrangements with us in the event of an emergency while you are away.

Alert NYPD Armed Protection your local CPF and trusted neighbours:
Let all relevant people know if you are going away and leave contact numbers. You can leave holiday instructions and a different contact number if you are leaving someone at your premises.These days a house sitter is a preferred option, especially if you have pets or are going for a long period.

Exercise caution when accepting deliveries:
A recent crime trend reveals that many people are being held up at their gate when picking up fast-food delivery at home. We advice that:

  • Even if you are anticipating a delivery, don’t open the gate.
  • Instead of opening your fence to get your items, sign for them via the gate and make sure no one is nearby.
  • Installing a second security measure, like a security gate with an intercom at the front door, is advised. This provides you with a second line of defense and perhaps a few extra minutes to use the panic button if necessary.
  • Make sure the location is brightly illuminated at night for both your own safety and the safety of the driver. Bring a flashlight with you for increased visibility.
  • When you accept a package, make sure the kids are inside.

Most importantly Carry a portable panic button with you, and whenever you feel threatened, press it to request an armed response, if you require one drop us a message we will be able to supply you

Everybody likes a good party:

Unfortunately, December also happens to be a time when seasonal crimes rise, a time that should be spent with family and relaxing. This is why, whether you’re going to organize a party or other special event, it’s crucial to consider how to keep your family and visitors safe. Everyone is looking forward to a break over December. Wherever there is a throng, there is opportunity for crooks. Make sure yours is one that people will remember for all the good reasons and not because of any criminal conduct. The best defense is constant attention and including safety and security in all of your plans.

If you are planning to host a party or event we do provide short notice guarding services and you can talk to our sales team for that. A security guard on duty provides additional piece of mind so that you can enjoy the party without thinking about what might go wrong if this or that happens. Additionally, it will be a relief for visitors to be welcomed by a security guard who is there to watch over them and their belongings when they arrive. Additionally, temporary security guards are taught to identify possible suspects and behavior, and they will report to our control room for backup or investigation.

Following are some suggestions to keep in mind if you feel like a security officer is not the right solution for you:

  • Make sure your visitors can safely park their cars—not on the street. Verify with each visitor that they have locked their vehicles and hidden all valuables.
  • Keep the gate closed until all of the visitors have arrived. Criminals are invited in by an open gate!
  • Once everyone has arrived, turn on exterior beams and electric fencing in any unoccupied areas.
  • If the event takes place at night, turn on the exterior illumination and check that the sensor lights are functioning properly.
  • Whether the party is inside or outside, the host should always be prepared with a remote panic button.
  • If you have dogs make the dogs a part of the celebration; if they bark nonstop, pay attention to it. Dogs are a wonderful early warning system to outsiders at the gate or on the property.

If you are going to a club:

  • Always take care of your personal property.
  • Inform the establishment’s security if you notice outsiders trying to fit in with your group.
    Once there, locate the emergency exits.
  • Keep your group together.
    Limit your alcohol consumption to help you stay aware of your surroundings.
    Getting a ride home is always the safest option.

Consider upgrading your fencing:

Fencing or a wall outside your house is a main security measure that you should consider having or upgrading this festive season.

Low walls, no walls or fencing, open gates and garage doors, a plain view into the home from the street, and no electric fence or other types of added security on the walls are some of the things that make a home an easy target for chance takers.

A physical barrier that separates you from the outside world gives you peace of mind, makes it clear that your property is not a target for thieves, and keeps them out.
Combine a strong wall with additional security measures like an alarm, electric fence, CCTV, and outside beams, all linked to a responsive armed protection company such as NYPD Armed Protection.

Consider Joining WhatsApp community security groups:

An often importent but overlooked security precaution is a WhatsApp community group.

To stay informed about potential risks or threats in the areas we operate in, we have established WhatsApp groups with a security focus. In some areas they are managed by residents’ CPFs or by us or other security companies. Residents are able to use the platform to alert each other, and often private security companies like NYPD to incidents or events that they feel warrant attention.

We respond faster than the police and Residents can post lookouts and people are informed of crime trends and do’s and don’ts. As first responders, we can receive reports of suspicious activity and investigate it as necessary and also contact the police.

While you are out in public pay attention and always be vigilant of your sorroundinds:


  • Always keep an eye on your child!
  • Children can get hurt or disappear in the blink of an eye.
  • It is especially crucial to never get distracted in malls and public spaces where children can get wander off into the crowd.


  • You cannot text and drive!
  • Using mobile phones can cause drivers to take their eyes off the road, their hands off the steering wheel, and their minds off the road and the surrounding situation. This can lead to serious and fatal accidents.
  • Never leave valuable items on the seat next to you where it is clearly visible to anyone walking past your vehicle. Put it underneath your seat, in the glovebox or lock it away in your boot,
  • As cliche as it sounds, avoid drinking and driving for obvious reasons and it also makes you an easy target when criminals notice that you are not vigilant.


  • Never walk while texting or talking on the phone.
  • Do not walk or cross the street with headphones in your ears with music on full blast.
  • Be aware of your surroundings and do not get distracted by being on your phone. You can get seriously injured or become the victim of a crime if you do not pay attention.

These are some ways you can be able to make sure your home is safe, you are safe and your loved ones are safe throughout the festivities.

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Be vigilant & Stay safe!!!



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