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NYPD Armed Protection

Our history

Rooted in Community

NYPD Armed Protection was founded on the principal of pro-activity, and there is good reason for this; “Pro-action & not re-action.” Our first clients were in Parkhurst and we are proud to have our roots in this community. The truth about pro-activity is that it is ultimately all about focus, focus of attention specifically in a predetermined area-  the smaller the area, the greater the focus.

Protecting Your Home

Focused on you and your family

It’s about being focused enough to know each and every one of your staff members personally, focused enough to know most of the Police officers at your Police station simply by sight, focused enough to know your area and the specific type of crime related challenges it faces, and to be close enough to the ground ‘to keep your ear to it.’


Jan Paxton

Managing Director

Jan is a chartered accountant who has served on the management of some of the country’s largest security firms. He joins the leadership team as the managing director of NYPD as of July 2017.

Jan has an innovative and pro-active customer focused approach to management and team development. “Following on my successful project in Zambia I engaged companies as management consultant for executable strategy, operations, technology, and human capital advisory services. My consulting practice is built around integrated core capabilities- people, process and technology and industry expertise - the capabilities needed to help clients to tackle their most complex challenges.”

Jan has been involved in the security industry for 23 years and uses a customer centered approach to armed response. His vision for NYPD is not just to improve the guarding, but to take the business as a whole and revitalize every aspect.


Emmanuel Manwadu

Matriculated in 1998 and enrolled in a security training center in March 1999. Immediately after completing security training I joined the SAPS reservist training college (six months). And later got deployed in Parkview saps in December 1999.

While I was working in Parkview where I met Greg Margolis who was the chairperson of CPF in Parkview saps.

I was part of the team that patrolled the suburbs with The Parkview Police Precinct under CPF when Greg formed NYPD he took most of us with.

Within the newly formed NYPD, I started off as a community patroller patrolling along 4th Avenue in Parkhurst. It was only in my third year that I got promoted to supervisor. I had to make sure that all streets that had to be patrolled were covered on time. I remained a supervisor for two years before being promoted to operations manager which I currently hold.

I am currently studying toward a diploma in Public Administration with IQ Academy.
I could have moved to other companies many times (most made offers to which I turned down) working for NYPD has made me feel like I am part of a big loving family, I love how the systems within the organisation allows for a personalised relationship between employees and clients, it does not feel like a job anymore, it always feels like I am looking after my brothers and sisters.

Most of my clients are now my friends, some are like my own parents. I could have been anywhere in the world but I love being here at NYPD.
PS: I love NYPD and its clients to the moon and back.


Xolile Sydwell Mtolo

Xolile Sydwell Mtolo has been with NYPD since the beginning when NYPD opened its doors as an armed response in 2006. Sydwell trained as a reservist in 1999 with Parkview Police station and CPF on the Beat.

In 2000 Sydwell started as a foot-patroller in Norwood and later moved on to Parkhurst in 2002. 2003 was year Sydwell started working for Greg in Emmarentia and later received a promotion as an instructor. Sydwell became a senior instructor in 2004 and later that year became a supervisor.

In 2008 Sydwell was promoted to Senior Supervisor.

Sydwell really does love his job and especially enjoys speaking to his clients.


Godfrey Ardendorff

NYPD’s financial manager has a bachelor’s degree in accounting, starting as an article clerk in 2011. Worked his way up to financial manager of NYPD.

“I have worked in retail for a very long period, I am skilled in liaising with people on a regular basis. My communicating skills are even more practiced at church when I do my ministerial duties and other leadership duties.”


Thabiso Malanga

I have been working for NYPD for 8 years. I am a controller for NYPD’s control room. I monitor signals in the control room. We monitor signals according to the client’s request. If one instructs for panic signals: just dispatch a vehicle and for burglary: call the client before dispatch.

We first call the client and depending on what the client requests, we either dispatch an R/O (reaction officer) to go check if all is okay. If the client says “all is fine, it was a false alarm or “the kids triggered the alarm by mistake, then the client has to confirm/verify with a code/password he/she would have agreed to use when signing the contract.

The days differ according to the weather. It is very busy during rainy/windy conditions.

One needs to be a hard worker, understanding, problem-solver and patience to be in this field.


Nthabi Mametja

I recently joined NYDP as a Helpdesk Operator. I work closely with Thabiso as she is showing me the current NYPD processes.

I will be doing daily call loggings of all the faulty alarms on the new system which will be implemented. The system will also generate weekly reports of all calls logged and resolved.

Working for NYPD thus far has been a great experience.

Efficient. Alert. Proactive.

Our dedicated staff are mindful of your security needs