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Quarter two crime statistics 2022/23

Police Minister General Bheki Cele (MP) releases the quarter two crime statistics 2022/2023 on Wednesday 23 November 2022

The statistics on crime that have been made public include offenses that were reported to the South African Police Service between July 1 and September 30, 2022.

These crime statistics are contrasted with those from the same time period in 2021, when the nation was still on lockdown as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The nation was under level 4, level 3, and level 2 lockdown from July to September 2021.

Some key takeaways are that the murder rate is up significantly when compared to the 6,163 murders in the same period last year. According to him, the period from July to September saw a record number of assault cases recorded to the police in five years, with 7,004 people in the nation being slain by other people.

More needs to be done, he said, both to stop and deal with the violent crimes that are frequently committed in public.

While the summary of these crime figures may be depressing at first glance, we shouldn’t let that discourage us from continuing to fight crime. In South Africa, the rule of law must be upheld firmly.

According to Cele, it is obvious that the SAPS needs to keep improving how it responds to crimes, particularly by apprehending some of its own officers who choose to break the law.

He stated that criminals become more aggressive as they attempt to subvert the rule of law as the nation approaches the festive season, but SAPS is taking action to combat this by putting 10,000 more officers on the ground in December to increase police visibility throughout the holiday season and beyond.

The relevant statistics are presented in the tables below:

SA crime stats: Q2 2021/22 vs Q2 2022/23

2021/22 vs 2022/23Jul-Sep 2021Jul-Sep 2022Change
Contact Crimes137 145162 518+18.5%
Contact-related Crimes28 98830 394+4.9%
Property-related Crimes89 57696 217+7.4%
Other Serious Crimes94 810113 381+19.6%
Total public reported350 519402 510+14.8%
Crime detected as a result of police action42 75055 918+30.8%
Total393 269458 428+16.6%

Biggest increases in crime categories for 2022/23

CategoryJul-Sep 2021Jul-Sep 2022Change
Truck hijacking410561+36.8%
Common robbery9 61912 024+25.0%
Carjacking4 9736 149+23.6%
Robbery with aggravating circumstances31 48038 412+22.0%
Commercial crime24 61329 516+19.9%
Common assault37 13744 389+19.5%
Attempted murder5 1576 155+19.4%
All theft not mentioned elsewhere59 67170 576+18.3%
Theft out of or from motor vehicle19 46722 792+17.1%
Assault with the intent to inflict grievous bodily harm35 62541 251+15.8%
Shoplifting10 52613 289+14.8%
Theft of motor vehicle and motorcycle8 7219 937+13.9%
Murder6 1637 004+13.6%
Burglary at residential premises35 94940 550+12.8%
Sexual Offences11 96413 283+11.0%
Stock-theft6 6637 342+10.2%
Robbery at non-residential premises4 8675 294+8.8%
Robbery at residential premises5 3725 825+8.4%
Robbery of cash in transit5256+7.7%
Malicious damage to property27 70429 337+5.9%
Bank robbery13+2 counts
Burglary at non-residential premises18 77615 506-16.9%
Arson1 2841 057-17.7%

Crime detected as a result of police action

CategoryJul-Sep 2021Jul-Sep 2022Change
Sexual offences discovered as a result of police action1 5222 154+41.5%
Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs7 64910 761+40.7%
Drug-related crime30 22438 956+28.9%
Illegal possession of firearms and ammunition3 3554 047+20.6%


  • Contact crimes include murder, attempted murder and sexual offences, as well as common assault and robbery.
  • Contact-related crimes include arson and malicious injury to property.
  • Other serious crimes include commercial crime, shop-lifting, and other types of theft – while aggravated robbery includes hijackings, robbery at residences, and cash-in-transit heists and bank robberies.
  • Crimes detected as a result of police action cover crimes discovered by active policing, such as roadblocks and raids. This category covers the illegal possession of firearms, DUI or driving under the influence (of drugs or alcohol), and the use, possession or trade of illegal drugs.

Read the minister’s full speech here.

These Crime stats are very worrying and we believe more could be done with the collaboration of security companies like us and the police.

Read our detailed article on how you can keep your family and home safe during this festive season, we have listed some tips that can help you stay safe during this festive season here

Be vigilant & Stay safe!!!



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