ID Please

Access Control

NYPD offers you the client access control services to your business. This is to ensure that no one that doesn’t belong enters your property without being authorised to do so.

We NYPD make use of our professionally trained security officers and the latest Technology to ensure we provide you with market leading access control solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Perimeter Control

The Benefits of Electric Fencing for Business

Electric fencing has been proven to successfully act as a psychological deterrent to burglars, and has been known to delay intruders from breaching a perimeter. Additionally, it can serve as an early warning system to ensure maximum security.

Forming one of your first lines of defence, electric fencing for business should be zoned and synced with the business alarm system. This will provide an early warning that will set off the alarm should an intruder tamper with the fence, and identified zones will indicate location on larger sites. A blaring siren draws attention to suspicious activity and also buys time by signalling their presence before they gain entry to the premises.

While the fundamentals of electric fencing for business remain the same, there are many factors to consider for optimal installation. Variables such as the number of strands, the distance between the strands, the length and number of zones, and the integration with other types of fencing or walls are determined by the distinctive requirements of individual clients.

By conducting regular inspections on the fence you will be able to extend its lifespan. Cutting back any overgrown foliage, keeping a special eye out for damage on the insulators, and checking for broken or corroded wires, could contribute to lower maintenance expenses in the long run.

Take that extra security measure to protect your perimeter with electric fencing for business.

Smile, you’re on camera

CCTV Monitoring

We at NYPD offer a wide range of CCTV Services to our clients. Significant improvements in communications technology have made the option available for remote video surveillance for better security and productivity.

Off-site CCTV monitoring. This is where we do surveillance of your CCTV cameras from our state of the art 24 hour control room to give our clients peace of mind.

CCTV cameras for business fixed near entrances provide an additional layer of security, acting as a crime deterrent while also enabling staff to verify the identity of visitors without having to undergo a face-to-face encounter that could place the staff and premises at risk.