Home Security Systems

NYPD is committed to providing the highest level of technology to the marketplace in a complete end-to-end solution through the supply, installation, servicing, support, and after sales maintenance of all our systems.

Eyes and ears in your community

Ground Patrol

NYPD as a norm do physical ground patrols daily, throughout dedicated areas. This allows us to monitor the activity in our areas and report to our dedicated control room for analysis.


Monitoring & Armed Response

“For peace of mind, Alarm Monitoring and Armed Response services are offered, protecting you and your valuable assets.
Our highly trained armed response team have a new fleet of dedicated patrol vehicles that is constantly patrolling the area that gives feedback to our control room.

The Control Room has the latest integrated technology and backup generator for uninterrupted service.

Our professional team of armed response officers and controllers will keep a watchful eye and respond proactively to any potential threat.

Geeks and gizmo’s

Technical Support

We at NYPD have a friendly, dedicated and professional team of experts on standby that will ensure that all maintenance and servicing will be done on a continues basis to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.