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Access Control

NYPD offers you the client access control services to your business. This is to ensure that no one that doesn’t belong enters your property without being authorised to do so.

We NYPD make use of our professionally trained security officers and the latest Technology to ensure we provide you with market leading access control solution that is tailored to your specific needs.

Feet on the ground


Residents of a particular street may decide to pool their resources and place a guard at the entrance of their street. The high visibility and awareness of active guarding has been proven to be a preventative layer in community security. Guards provide additional pairs of eyes and ears, and over time become aware of unfamiliar vehicles and pedestrians. They are in direct contact with our control room and have the ability to radio for back up when required.

Guarding is also applicable if you are hosting an event and require street patrols for the day or evening to ensure the safety of guests and cars.

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Control Room

The Control Room has the latest integrated technology and backup generator for uninterrupted service.

Our professional team of armed response officers and controllers will keep a watchful eye and respond proactively to any potential threat.

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Technical Support

We at NYPD have a friendly, dedicated and professional team of experts on standby that will ensure that all maintenance and servicing will be done on a continues basis to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.


Ensuring the safety and security of a community and its residents.

We achieve this by assessing, developing and implementing tailor-made crime prevention and community security projects.

Creating a well-informed community. We achieve this by providing a platform for the collection and dissemination of relevant crime fighting information, aimed at instilling confidence within the community.

Creating a sustainable community. We achieve this by promoting community engagement and partnership building, aimed at developing a collective approach to community projects and the fostering of relationships.

Establishing a supported community. We achieve this by providing tools, expertise and tailored support aimed at instilling confidence and enhancing continued engagement.