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“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”
– Nelson Mandela

Dear Residents,

As Mandela Day 2018 steadily approached, NYPD was faced with the challenge of choosing a worthwhile charity that could benefit from a little extra love, a little extra care, a little extra generosity, on this day of service to others. With so many needy causes in the area, it was finally decided to pay a visit to Guild Cottage.

Guild Cottage is a specialist NGO that provides refuge and rehabilitation for physically and sexually abused girls under the age of 18 years of age. Situated in Parktown, the centre runs a residential treatment programme for abused girls that are given into their care by the courts. Currently they have 11 girls that they have taken under their wing.

The girls that arrive at Guild Cottage come from all walks of life. Often, all they have in common is a history of physical and emotional trauma and the loss of their innocence. Guild Cottage aims to provide treatment for severely abused and traumatised children with a view to returning them to their families and to re-integrate them into society.

For the continuation of its work, Guild Cottage is largely reliant on the generosity of the corporate sector, organisations and private individuals. The State supplies only 25% of the funding requirements.

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The staff of NYPD visited the girls at Guild Cottage last week and decided to throw a party for them in their honour! We spent the afternoon interacting with the girls while enjoying some cake and chatter with them. The girls range from ages 8 to 17 years old. Each of them received a toiletry bag with much needed toiletries inside. To show us their appreciation they sang a little song of thanks to us at the end of our visit.

All our hearts were deeply touched by the humility, love and gratitude showed so freely by these girls, who have suffered nothing but pain, hurt and trauma at the hands of others.

NYPD cares about their community and we subscribe to Mandela’s philosophy of giving back and making a difference in the lives of others, no matter how small it may be. We have therefore decided to embark on a project together with Guild Cottage to provide the home with ongoing security for the caregivers and the girls that live there. To this end NYPD will be meeting with the executive board to propose and discuss their security needs and how we can contribute in making this their reality. In the interim we sponsored a remote panic button panel, which will be monitored directly by the NYPD Control Room, as well as regular security patrols to safeguard the home.

If we all stand up, stand together, take action and inspire change, together we can make every day a Mandela Day!

Yours in Community



Crime Incidents in Northern suburbs
16 - 22 July
 Aggrevated RobberyContact CrimeOther Serious CrimesProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Parktown North2158
Grand Total19121225

Week 3 – July 2018 Crime Concentration : North

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: North

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: North

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Crime Incidents in Southern suburbs
16 - 22 July
 Contact CrimeContact-Related CrimesOther Serious CrimesProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Grand Total7132215

Week 3 – July 2018 Crime Concentration : South

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: South

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: South

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Overall Crime Comparisons

July Crime comparison by suburb

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Whilst every effort is made to accurately report back on all criminal activities in your area, we advise that not all crimes are reported on at the time of this report being published. Should you be aware of any criminal incident not reported in our report, kindly email us on