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Our suburbs, playgrounds and parks make it a pleasant place to live, work and play but whether we’re commuting to work or enjoying the outdoors, our peaceful lifestyle is threatened by criminals who cruise our suburbs seeking to pounce on their next vulnerable victim. It’s a reality that can lead us to live in fear and seek solutions that make us feel safe again.

Dear Residents,

NYPD Armed Response have a vision to create a safer city and have partnered an innovative solution – the CASI Security Mobile App is the all-new personalised security app that comes with the country’s first mobile panic button and country-wide coverage.

NYPD offered all our Armed response clients, 1 free subscription, but noticed that a limited amount of you have made use of this value-add to your personal security. I want to elaborate on why you should consider making use of this app which will give you peace of mind knowing that help is always just a keystroke away, wherever you are.

What makes CASI different to other security initiatives?

CASI Panics are monitored by two control centers! NYPD control centre monitors your panic as well as CASI‘s very own control centre which is SAIDSA Compliant. So, no matter where you are in the country, you will be monitored and assisted in your emergency situation.

CASI has strict agreements in place with Response Companies to ensure that they respond to any emergency.

CASI offers extensions to a wireless button, smart watches and home screen views.

CASI performs advance tracking instead of just mapping the point of origin. Our Security Mobile App, when installed on your smartphone, pinpoints your precise location – whether you are at the beach, out walking/jogging or at home – the moment you activate it in an emergency.

How does CASI work?

On a stable network, CASI offers multiple options on how you can send a panic. From your home screen of your cellphone with a press of a button, from CASI‘s unique mobile panic button which can be used up to 30 meters from your mobile device, from the application itself.

  • By pressing the panic, an alert is sent out to (PSIRA registered) armed responders
  • The responder closest to the alert accepts the call and the alerter (person that pressed the panic) is notified who is on their way, how many kilometers away they are, in how many minutes they will be there.
  • On the responder’s side, a Google Map with directions is given to our responders on their fixed mobile devices in their vehicles.
  • Once the responder is within a 5m radius, a verification code is given to the responder on their mobile device which needs to be entered into the alerter’s device.
  • A report screen is then opened on the responder’s device where the responder can place his report of the incident.
  • On the alerter’s side, there is a rating option of 1 – 5 with a comment section to leave a report of the responder’s service which will then close the panic.

If you have not registered for your free subscription yet, send us an email to  and we will ensure you are covered immediately. There is no obligation or hidden subscription fees, and you can unsubscribe at any time. Test it for yourself and let me know your comments. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Yours in SecYOUrity,



Crime Incidents in Northern suburbs
9 - 15 July 2018
 Aggrevated RobberyContact CrimeContact-Related CrimesCrime Detected as a Result of Police ActionOther Serious CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Craighall Park11
Parktown North112
Grand Total13111411

Week 2 – July 2018 Crime Concentration : North

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: North

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: North

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Crime Incidents in Southern suburbs
9 - 15 July 2018
 Contact CrimeContact-Related CrimesOther Serious CrimesProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Parktown West213
Rooseveld Park11
Grand Total9113418

Week 2 – July 2018 Crime Concentration : South

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: South

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: South

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Overall Crime Comparisons

July Crime comparison by suburb

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Monthly Crime Comparison

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Whilst every effort is made to accurately report back on all criminal activities in your area, we advise that not all crimes are reported on at the time of this report being published. Should you be aware of any criminal incident not reported in our report, kindly email us on