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A year ago, on the 1st of July 2017, I took over the reins of NYPD with great excitement, but also with a little trepidation. I knew that certain changes and improvements had to take place for us to keep growing and moving forward, and I also knew that I had to build trust amongst my staff and clients as “the new kid on the block”, albeit that I have been in the security industry since 1998. I immediately set about rebranding and refocusing the business and gave NYPD a fresh new look and feel.

Dear Residents,

When I look back at the past year, there have been some challenging times, with many ups and downs along the way, but there have also been many successes and learning curves, all of which have contributed to an overall successful and transformative year for NYPD. It is for this reason that I would like to humbly thank my loyal clients and dedicated staff, without whom none of this would have been made possible. A special thank you to my support staff, Emmanuel and Sydwell who have been with NYPD since its inception and whose loyalty, commitment and unwavering dedication to servicing our clients, does not go unnoticed by me, or any of the NYPD clients.

I would like to highlight some of the key areas where we have focused our attention during the past year:

The control room has been completely elevated, with concentrated infrastructure upgrades to make it a state of the art control center, which included monitoring and software upgrades and back-up capabilities, live off-site monitoring capabilities and live tracking of armed response vehicles. Our control room now complies with SAIDSA specification and we will initiate SAIDSA approval shortly.  What this means to you as the client, is more effective security measures and peace of mind that NYPD has got you covered 24/7.

We introduced a free personalised security app to our clients. CASI (Call All Stations Immediately) that comes with a mobile panic button and country-wide coverage.

The staff have also undergone training to upgrade their skills and specifically tactical training for the Armed Response Officers, equipping them to better protect you and your family, in a crime related incident.

We have introduced a technical maintenance team which has been installing, maintaining and servicing our clients alarms and technical systems as well as CCTV camera systems and electric fences.

The back office has been updated with a new accounting and CRM software to ensure that we can account to our clients’ needs, which minimizes errors and increases productivity.

We have been more involved in residential security projects such as:

Bicycle patrols that were implemented in Lil Chelsea. This was an NYPD subsidized initiative in conjunction with the residents contributing to the patrol officers, and we have subsequently found that it has made a positive difference in the area.

Deployment of golf cart patrols in Lower Westcliff boomed-off area as well as the introduction of LPR Camera technology monitored in our control center, providing a preventative early warning service of suspicious number plates entering the area.

We are looking forward to getting involved in more projects which enhance security, technology and manpower to secure suburbs in the future.

As you can see there have been many improvements that have been implemented during the past year that have impacted positively on our staff and clients. I look forward to strengthening, building and growing on that foundation so that we can create another successful year of securing our neighbourhood together.

Yours in SecYOUrity,



Crime Incidents in Northern suburbs
25 June - 01 July 2018
 Aggrevated RobberyContact CrimeOther Serious CrimesProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Parktown North112
Grand Total1154819

Week 4 – June 2018 Crime Concentration : North

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: North

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: North

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Crime Incidents in Southern suburbs
25 June - 01 July 2018
 Aggrevated RobberyContact CrimeOther Serious CrimesProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Parktown West2226
Rooseveld Park11
Grand Total18610833

Week 4 – June 2018 Crime Concentration : South

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: South

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: South

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Overall Crime Comparisons

June Crime comparison by suburb

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Monthly Crime Comparison

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Whilst every effort is made to accurately report back on all criminal activities in your area, we advise that not all crimes are reported on at the time of this report being published. Should you be aware of any criminal incident not reported in our report, kindly email us on