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The CASI Security Initiative is the all new personalised security app that comes with the country’s first mobile panic button and country-wide coverage. Personal security is extended through our integrated security services partnership with NYPD Armed Protection.

To access the security feature, users download the CASI app on their smartphones so that it can sync with their GPS location and panic button to alert the nearest armed responder in case of an emergency. The system calculates the nearest NYPD patrol unit based on google maps taking traffic into account. These responders receive a request which they can accept or decline. The first responder to accept will be navigated via the app to the panic. Our control room will guide the officer through the process and provide him with all the necessary information.

Registered users pay only R35 per month and can press hold on a panic button when they open the app. As an additional feature, the portable panic button can be purchased at a once off fee of R500 and is worn on clothing, attached to the dashboard of a car or any easily accessible area in the house.

Your security can be extended to anywhere you may travel and this is a perfect value add-on for invaluable peace of mind. If you find yourself in a potentially dangerous situation, the panic button can be used immediately and our responders in your vacinity will assist with real time response, anywhere, anytime.


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