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The past two months have shown a marked increase in criminal activity in our area of operation, with the amount of theft and robbery related incidents during the first 2 weeks of June already exceeding all similar incidents recorded in May.

Valued NYPD Client

Greenside and Parkhurst is currently experiencing the highest number of vehicle related crimes (theft and theft out of vehicle) whilst Craighall, and Parkview is experiencing higher number of property related crimes (break-in and house robberies)

Protecting and caring for the lives of our customers, their families and employees is paramount to NYPD Armed Protection. It is almost school holiday and we want to make sure that you take note of how to keep safe and sound!

At Home:

The modus operandi is to break-in and be out within minutes before the armed response or SAPS arrive and these gangs are fully aware that they will trigger the alarms when forcing entry.  They rely on the speed in which they commit the act of housebreaking, to prevent being caught.

Looking at the list of items that are regularly stolen, it is evident that electronics, jewellery and small safes are targeted. Many people believe that a small safe the size of a shoebox, which is usually bolted into the cupboard in the main bedroom for ease of use, will protect its contents from theft.  These criminals force open heavy doors and security gates and pull these safes out of the wall within a minute.  So, investing in a bigger, heavier duty safe or using a safety deposit box is a far better option.

Also noticeable is the amount of electronic goods such as IPads, phones, expensive cameras and jewellery left in draws or visible to anyone forcing their way onto the property. One should try for a moment to imagine 4 intruders rushing through the front door (average number of persons in crowbar hits) and what they could find and remove in 2 – 3 minutes.

Having all the small electronic goods in plain sight and a small safe, predictably in the main bedroom cupboard make it easier and predictable for these crowbar gangs to have such “successful scores” when breaking in.  Don’t make it easy.  It is apparent that most of these gangs are well disciplined as far as time on the premises is concerned.

Vehicle Related:

Car break-ins continue, and there have been a few hijackings and theft of motor vehicles. A recent modus operandi is where a party or social occasion is underway. The criminals with the intent of stealing a motor vehicle they spot outside a property, then use the intercom to alert the residents that the car they intend to highjack is blocking another vehicle. The owner of that vehicle then comes outside to move his / her car and is met with armed hijackers who then take the keys, and obviously the car.

Other incidents will include alarm jamming or breaking into vehicles to steal valuables out of the vehicles.

Keep the following security essentials in mind on how to prevent putting your guests, family, car and home in danger.

When locking your car by remote, ensure that the car actually locks, especially when parking in public areas. The familiar “beep” sound or flashing lights are not good enough. Physically check before walking away.

Ensure that anyone leaving your property can get into their car, start it, lock the doors and be fully prepared to drive off before the gates are opened.

If possible, ensure that anyone leaving your premises can do so without having to reverse into the road, as it reduces visibility.

If your visitors must park in the street, escort them to their car when leaving and check that the road is clear. If you feel unsafe at any time, please contact our controlroom and request our assistance. Advise friends and family, NOT, to leave belongings visible in vehicles parked on the street.

If you have electric gates and an intercom system, ensure that visitors can reach the intercom without having to get out of their car.

I welcome any questions, suggestions, feedback or comments. Please email me at and I will respond to your emails.

Thank you and stay safe.

Jan Paxton


Crime Incidents in Northern suburbs
11 - 17 June 2018
 Contact CrimeContact-Related CrimesOther Serious CrimesProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Parktown North112
Grand Total3122210

Week 2 – June 2018 Crime Concentration : North

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: North

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: North

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Crime Incidents in Southern suburbs
11-17 June
 Contact CrimeContact-Related CrimesOther Serious CrimesProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Parktown West22
Grand Total4113110

Week 2 – June 2018 Crime Concentration : South

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: South

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: South

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Overall Crime Comparisons

June Crime comparison by suburb

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Monthly Crime Comparison

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Whilst every effort is made to accurately report back on all criminal activities in your area, we advise that not all crimes are reported on at the time of this report being published. Should you be aware of any criminal incident not reported in our report, kindly email us on