NYPD Guarding: “Unarmed Vs Armed Guards”


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  • 24 Hour Alarm Monitoring
  • 24 Hour Armed Response
  • 24 Hour Dedicated Vehicles For (Proactive Patrols)
  • SAIDSA Approved Alarm & Panic Button Installations
  • A Proper Control:
  • currently there exists no control over so-called "car-guards," that is to say anyone (potential criminals included) can & do don a bib, giving them "valid reason" to hang around our suburb/blending-in/ watching our movements..
  • Proper Identification
  • Each person wearing an NYPD car guard bib, has a personal file kept at Parkview Police Station; this personalinformation includes the following: A)Crime Check done on the individual; B)finger-prints taken; C)A copy of their ID/SIRA/ home address details etc.
  • Respectable Behavior:
  • Should an NYPD car guard, behave inappropriatly torward you "the customer," or become drunk on duty etc. his/her bib can be immediatly removed- an unwanted element can be replaced very quickly, allowing us to keep a respectable level of service going forward, for you and our suburb at all times, simply call our Parkhurst #:(082) 548-4294.
  • Proper Back-up in the event of an Emergency:
  • NYPD car guards have 24 hour back up through NYPD bobbies on the beat,(who patrol the lenth of 4th avenue.) In addition NYPD Armed Reaction Vehicles (Dedicated to Parkhurst ) provide 24 hour Armed Reaction back-up
  • Unsurpassed Security Network for Parkhurst:
  • In conclusion: given the above: Dedicated Armed Reaction Vehicles/Dedicated Boddies on the beat, (not only 4th Ave, but throughout the suburb) and now uniformed car guards running the lenth of our main road, up & down all side streets- all now connected through radio and cell-phone


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NYPD Guarding: “Unarmed Vs Armed Guards”

Pro’s & Con’s: “What Is The Solution?” & Why We (NYPD) Just May Have The Answer...

Below we outline the advantages & disadvantages of ‘Unarmed Vs Armed guards,’ and thereafter put across what we (NYPD) believe the best solution really is…

There are two main disadvantages in employing an armed guard. Firstly; because the guard himself is stationary (& usually on his own) he becomes a possible (easier) target for the theft of the firearm he is carrying.

Secondly if there were to be a shoot out, there is the risk that an innocent bystander may be caught in the cross-fire by a stray bullet (possibly from the guard,) that is to say the possibility of a shootout with criminals targeting the area would increase, as the guard is now armed.

In the case of an unarmed guard (in a similar situation) it is true that he could be over powered by gun wheedling criminals, or easily held at gun point, though the risk of a shoot-out drops substantially.

The advantages of an armed guard are as follows: the guard himself in most instances, feels and indeed behaves “acts” more confidently and professionally (while it is obvious he is in possession of a weapon) to defend himself/ others he is tasked to protect or property he is in charge of protecting.

Secondly most “would be” criminals would without question think twice before attempting to take on a security officer carrying a weapon, this as the chance of injury to the criminal is as such dramatically increased – as opposed to an unarmed guard.

Naturally as a security service provider specializing in suburban crime prevention we have given this matter a great deal of thought, we believe that what we have come up with, is a scenario that puts to rest most concerns around arming a guard, while at the very same time allows for maximum protection of our clients, and or their property.

In short the way we have managed to do this (get the best of both worlds) is by arming the guard with a very high power pepper gun, theses firearms have a number of tangible advantages, as they look practically the same and sound the same (when fired, even as a warning shot, to a “would-be criminal”) as a real firearm.

They are accurate up to 50 meters and most importantly have the power to incapacitate any size person within seconds, providing the person who is shot by such a firearm does not take a direct hit to the eye and receives medical treatment within an hour no permanent damage will be done, that is to say while the weapon is highly effective and will cause great pain to one who is shot with it, it is non-lethal, and in our educated opinion, precisely what is needed in our suburban crime fighting arsenal- which we term “semi-armed guard” It is important to mention here, that the guards we place in possession of these firearms, have been with our company for longer than unarmed guards, and have been trained on standard firearms, that is to say they are competent to use the weapons they are issued with, meaning at the end of the day, in general the individual(s) responsible for your safety are of a better quality and caliber than an “average guard” would be. In summary, and in weighing up the above mentioned “pro’s & con’s,” the only real “disadvantage” of an ‘semi-armed’ guard is that it is slightly more expensive, but if it is affordable (and indeed appropriate) for your premises/ the area or property that you wish to protect, then this is indeed what we would recommend.