5 Major Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To V.I.P Protection

5 Major Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To V.I.P Protection

By Every Home Joining Us (YOU) Plant a Seed Against Crime In OUR Community

  • Reason 1
    ONE Security Provider Operating EXCLUSIVLY in ONE Police Precinct


    Firstly, if the area to be looked after by a security provider is too large, then the attention of senior management (the decisioni makers) of such security providers are spread too thinly (far too thinly in most cases) to be of any real effect.
    Secondly, without close consistent, personal working relationships, continually being built-up (over years if possible) and maintained between the senior management of Police & security respectively, what has been the case in past years, will continue to be the case into our future.

    Crime in our precinct over the past few years has in no way shape or form dropped, and to say that crime has stabilized is simply 'to be clever with words.' The fact is crime in general has not dropped at all, and if one is to say that is has stabilized- then to speak the whole truth one must say that it has done so "stabilized" at an alarmingly high rate.
    Bottom line: What you have been paying for (the type of security) over the past few years, not only has not worked, but more importantly has no chance of really working.

    To apply a management style to a security provider, like that of a large supermarket-chain-store, has over time shown itself to be a serious case of adding insult to injury.
    Any thinking individual worthy of the name, needs only to spend one day at his or her Police station, to catch a glimpse into the intricacies involved in each and every individual case, to realize the attention to detail, competence and supervision it requires to be successful in this endeavor.
  • Reason 2
    Quality of the Individual Staff ( Their Nature, Competence and Trustworthiness )


    The importance of this question is paramount.
    A simple glance into the day to day functioning of a security operator and the criminal justice system will alert one, almost instantaneously, to the vital role that the quality of the individual staff member(s) plays.
    Before placing a vehicle at the disposal of an individual, before placing a firearm in his hands; how long have any of the directors of my security provider, personally known these staff members, how well and for how many years? NB: (This is not a reference to any legally required papers to perform their duties.)

    The quality of our staff is practically guaranteed through the infrastructure of our sister company 'CPF on the beat.' Set up six years ago with the blessing and approval of the Parkview Community Police Forum, this non-profit company allows us, not only to get to know staff personally, for years before they come to work for Parview Armed Proaction, but by one of the directors (and not an HR Manager) personally doing all the interviews, we end up hand picking just who gets to come and work for us-in our community.


    By doing things in this way we have considerable time to observe the arrests they make, potential crimes they have prevented, and in essence, type of individuals they have unquestionably proved themselves to be.
    We have had literally years to shape their character, and make of them truly proactive crime fighters, and this long before we give them a weapon or a vehicle!
  • Reason 3

    WHY:"Ever try and communicate an idea, need or a problem with large bureacratic orginization?" Contrast this with a community based user friendly service i.e.: envisage talking to someone from your community who can make decisions (on the spot if need be.) Simply put, there is no comparison.
  • Reason 4
    Proactive vs Reactive

    Take bright impressionable youngsters and train them, engraining proactivity into their work ethic long before you give them a vehicle & weapon.

    Build strong long term relationships with local Police management & community leaders alike.

    Use crime intelligence, by knowing our precinct's current crime trends, hot spots, wanted vehicles and suspects etc.

    Then vigorously applying that knowledge on the streets. Day in day out, on the lookout for anything that does not belong in our precinct.

    We are not about "Parking under a tree & waiting for an alarm to go off"

    We have our state-of-the-art control operating 24/7 & Armed response is included when joining Armed Proaction
  • Reason 5
    Reinvestment of Resources

    "Think all this is going to cost you extra?" It won't!

    As mentioned, we are fully registered for Armed Response. The essential difference is one of real value for your money- money in the form of more vehicles, training, staff incentives and proactivity, all continually reinvested back into our community (YOUR Community) - Not somebody else's!

    A far wiser choice, and a far superior service-for the same price!