Weekly Crime Reports and Statistics

NYPD crime-report-20-06-2018 Crime Report

Crime Report 20-06-2018

The past two months have shown a marked increase in criminal activity in our area of operation, with the amount of theft and robbery related incidents during the first 2 weeks of June already exceeding all similar incidents recorded in May. Valued NYPD Client Greenside and Parkhurst is currently experiencing the highest number of vehicle related crimes (theft and theft…
20th June 2018
NYPD Armed Response Crime Report Crime Report

Crime Report 13-06-2018

After months of hard work, we are delighted to officially launch the first of our weekly crime reports. These reports will be distributed to all our customers and can also be found on our website www.nypd.co.za Our goal with this report is to provide all residents an easier way to learn about crime incidents recorded in your suburb, analysis and…
6th June 2018