As I review the Crime Stats for the past months, it is concerning to notice that vehicle related theft is still strongly prevalent in our community. This includes theft of goods out of motor vehicles, theft of motor vehicles by remote jamming and hijacking of motor vehicles.


By keeping the following tips top of mind during your daily commute, you can help to create a safer community for all.

  • Do not leave your valuables in full sight of others, whether driving around or parked at shopping centres, schools, businesses, etc.
  • Prepare for your journey beforehand by packing all your valuables in the boot where they are safe, before you leave to work from home, or vice versa
  • Stop using mobile phones while driving or at intersections; you can return calls once you have arrived safely at your destination
  • Observe your surroundings and be aware of what is happening around you
  • Do not wear or expose expensive jewellery
  • If you are transporting passengers, do not allow them to distract you
  • Always check that your car is locked by testing the door, never assume that by pressing the remote it is locked
  • Remain vigilant while filling up with fuel, especially at night. Keep doors locked and windows closed while filling up, and only open the window when it is time to pay.
  • Be alert when arriving home and ensure that there is sufficient lighting at the entrance to your property
  • Be aware of suspicious vehicles following you. If you suspect that you are being followed, alert NYPD Control Room immediately, or if you have our CASI app installed, press the mobile panic button for immediate assistance
  • Install window safety film. Not only will it serve as protection against potential smash and grab attacks but if you use a tinted film, it makes it more difficult for would-be criminals to see into the vehicle – especially at night
  • If you see any obstacles in the road such as rocks, tyres or broken glass, do not get out of your motor vehicle to remove them. Drive around them where ever possible
  • Always keep all doors locked

None of us can afford to think “it won’t happen to me”. Each one of us is a target for crime, whether at home, work, school, shopping or driving around. It is our responsibility to ensure that we keep safe by remaining vigilant in all circumstances.

Yours in SecYOUrity


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Crime Incidents in Northern suburbs
27 August - 02 September 2018
 Contact CrimeProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Parktown North112
Grand Total33814

Week 5 – August 2018 Crime Concentration : North

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: North

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: North

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Crime Incidents in Southern suburbs
27 August - 02 September 2018
 Contact CrimeContact-Related CrimesOther Serious CrimesProperty-Related CrimesVehicle-Related CrimesGrand Total
Grand Total3133919

Week 5 – August 2018 Crime Concentration : South

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Suburb Weekly Crime Trend Comparison: South

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Suburb Crime Category Comparison: South

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Overall Crime Comparisons

August Crime comparison by suburb

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Monthly Crime Comparison

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Whilst every effort is made to accurately report back on all criminal activities in your area, we advise that not all crimes are reported on at the time of this report being published. Should you be aware of any criminal incident not reported in our report, kindly email us on