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Covers seventeen suburbs and has well over 130 000 residents, approximately 2000 businesses, and many crime problems wich are peculiar to its own demographics.
The precinct is managed by Parkview SAPS, which has its own Station Commander, who has his own management team, which in turn manages the staff and equipment at their disposal. They (The management) recieve a degree of support from their chain of command and small degree of support from their community, us (Community Policing Forum, Residents associations and volenteers etc.)
To make the point more clearly- consider:

The City of Johannesburg:

Johannesburg alone has 26 (Twenty Six) Police precincts-each of these communities has their own peculiar crime tendencies, hot spots, borders and demographics, suspects and syndicates, each its own Station Commander and his or her own management team and each their own staff.

Now Let's Consider the Following:

If a security provider operates across Johannesburg alone, then how on earth can that security company's senior management (people who can make decisions, on the spot if need be) focus their attention on our precinct?
How do they (the decision makers) have the time to get to know each station commander in our city alone, and his or her management? How do they learn each Police Precinct and all the peculiar crime tendencies belong to it? How is that degree of attention & focus possible or sustainable?
How do the directors of large corporate security providers have time to get to know (personally) their own individual staff members (the masses of them, across the City of Johannesburg alone?) how do they get to know the subtle strengths and weeknesses of each individual employed by them, and in which environment each is best suited?
Now Consider What an Enormous Advantage It Is in Reality To Say That We (Parkview Armed Proaction) Deal With ONE Police Station In ONE Police Precinct!

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