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NYPD is partnered with some of the leading technology brands on the market to provide the very latest technology solutions to you as our valued customer to tailor for you exact needs.

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NYPD make use of our professionally trained security officers and the latest technology to ensure we provide you with market leading access control solution that is tailored to your specific needs.


The high visibility and awareness of active guarding has been proven to be a preventative layer in community security and have direct contact with our control rooms.

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NYPD Armed Protection CASI App

Let NYPD be secYOUrity minded for YOU

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Introducing the CASI app. NYPD Armed Protection is excited about adding value to the security of our clients, by bringing them instant response, throughout South Africa.

NYPD Armed Protection partnered with CASI

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The CASI Security Initiative is the all new personalised security app that comes with the country‚Äôs first mobile panic button and country-wide coverage. Personal security is extended through our integrated security services partnership with NYPD Armed Protection. To access the security feature, users download the CASI app on their smartphones so that it can sync with their GPS location and…
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